Pool Sand Replacement & Sand Filter Repair

Sand Replacement & Sand Filter Repairs in Mobile, Al

Changing the sand in your sand pool filter every few years is a CRITICAL part of your swimming pool maintenance routine and an inexpensive way to ensure your pool stays clean and sparkling each swimming season.

Some pool owners may think that you do not have to change your pool filter sand, but it is vital to change your pool filter sand every three to five years. You may need to change it more often if you use your swimming pool more frequently.
Sand filter

How Do I Know My Sand Is Bad?

When the pool filter is old, the sharp edges of the sand wear off and dirty residue will no longer get stuck in the filter. Generally, your backwash cycle will be much shorter when the sand is bad and your pool may be more prone to algea. Check your filter if you notice that the water in your pool is cloudier or dirtier than usual. If you see that the sand is greasy and clumped together, it is time to change the sand.

We offer 2 types of sand filter media.

Silica Sand

Silica Sand

One of the most popular pool filter sands in use is silica sand. Unlike other manufactured pool filter sand, silica sand is created by mining silicon dioxide (or quartz) and then grinding it down into a fine powder.

Silica pool filter sand is popular because it is a very efficient and inexpensive medium for pool filters.
zeo lite sand

Zeolite Sand

Zeolite is a honeycomb-shaped mineral that forms naturally in volcanic rock. Its unique shape helps it to capture dirt and debris while filtering your pool water. Zeolite’s complex shape also helps it to trap particles that may otherwise get past silica sand. Its a bit more expesive, But worth the extra cash.

Do you need your sand replaced?

If your sand is due for changing, or you just keep getting algea no matter how much chemicals you add , it may be time for a sand change. Give us a call to schedule your sand change today!

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