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Should I Close My Swimming Pool in the Winter?

As soon as winter season in Alabama starts approaching, many pool owners have a common question: whether to leave the pool open or close it. First things first, this decision is a personal one. Some pool owners find it suitable to keep the pool open for various reasons. For others, the idea of leaving a pool open for winters can be a laughable one.
Are you sitting on the fence too? Here is a list of pros and cons of leaving a pool open in winters you should know about. Read, analyze, and make your decision.

 3 Pro’s

Let us start with the positives first. If you hate going through the entire closing the pool process, here is good news.


You Can Swim Whenever You Want

If you are planning to leave your pool open, you love swimming regardless of the season. And when you do not cover your pool for the off-season, this is the primary benefit that you can leverage: you can swim whenever you feel like it. All you have to do is install a heat pump, and you can relax in the soothing, warm water.


You Can Save on Chemicals

If your pool is open throughout winters, you will not have to spend money on chlorine or algaecide. As the chances of algae growth are minimal in winters, you will not have to invest in shock treatments much. Keeping it open would also mean that you would not have to be welcomed by murky, green water in the spring. Plus, you will also be the one to enjoy swimming when spring returns. Why? Just because you never stopped swimming!


You Can Save on Closing and Opening

Those who have gone through it know that pool opening and pool closing can be a little expensive and requires effort and equipment. You can save yourself from labor if you keep your pool open. You will not have to spend on costly pool covers or chemicals while closing or opening your pool.

3 Con’s

Now let’s flip the coin and look at the other side.


You May Face Equipment Damage

It is no rocket science that it might damage your pool equipment if you keep your pool open in the freezing weather. Especially, your heat pumps and salt chlorinators will suffer the most. SWG usualy do not generate chlorine under if its under 50 degrees. Also, Keep an eye our for pool leaks!


You will Have to Maintain It

For many pool owners in Mobile, winter means a vacation from the pool cleaning drill. But if you do not close your pool, you will have to keep doing it for the whole year. You will have to keep cleaning debris, leaves, and twigs. Replenishing the water level and balancing pool water are some other time-consuming chores that you will have to perform regularly. And if it is cold outside, you will surely want to procrastinate.


Your Energy Costs will Increase

Keeping the pool open throughout the year directly relates to increased energy costs. Your pool will require additional investment in winters. You will have to buy equipment, such as a freeze protection sensor, to keep your pool usable. Secondly, you will also have to pay the extra costs of running the heat pump of you have one. This can be the most upsetting downside of keeping your pool open.

Now the ball is in your court. Based on the given information, you should be able to decide what is best for your pool. If you need furthur guidance, you can count on Swift Pool Maintenance. We provide quality yet affordable pool service and repairs in Alabama that can solve every pool problem you have. 

Pool Openings

Once pool season arrives, It means that it’s time to open your pool. Our highly trained and professional technicians are ready to open, clean and prep your pool for a care free swim season. Our technicians will make sure to open your pool properly. We are fully insured and are open all year long. This means you can count on the quality of our pool opening and have the peace of mind that if you have any issue at all, we will be there to help.

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Pool Closing 

Properly winterizing your pool water and equipment will save time and money when you re-open your pool in the spring, so you can start enjoying it again as soon as the weather warms up. Although most people dont close their pools in the bay area, some may still want to if they are going away for the winter or just to keep it clean. It’s important to close your pool properly because freezing water can seriously damage your pipes and equipment. Let the experts at Swift Pool Maintenance make sure your investment is protected.

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