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Our Green to Clean pool service is for those with a green pool at their home. There are many reasons for green pools and they can be difficult to get clear again. If you find the green issue becoming difficult to handle, Our pool technicians at Swift Pool Maintenance will provide you efficient and reliable cleaning services to remove algae in no time.

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Why Is My Pool Green?

It is not always possible to identify which type of algae has taken up residence in your swimming pool. But, knowing the algae type will determine the right way to get rid of it. You can rely on our technicians to quickly identify which type of algae is growing. Generally, the following are the common forms of this plant-like organism that grows in pool water:

Green Algea

The most common type of algae found swimming in pools is green algae. This green slime grows due to a lack of filtration, sanitization, and a high pH level. Green algae proliferates very rapidly, and usually, you will find it floating in your pool water or sticking on the walls. If ignored, this algae can turn your pool green.
Fortunately, it can be eliminated quickly, and the best removal method is shocking the pool using a process known as superchlorination. This process attacks the green algae resisting the chlorination and sanitizes the pool. An even better solution is to schedule regular pool maintenance service with pool experts at Swift pool maintenance and prevent a green algae attack.

Yellow Algea

Yellow algae grows on the walls of the pool in those areas that don’t receive much sunlight. It is sometimes mistaken for pollen or sand that might collect in your swimming pool. Even though this type of algae does not spread or grow rapidly, it’s tough to eliminate. A regular sanitizer dose cannot kill yellow algae, and it requires meticulous maintenance and superchlorination. This algae cannot be removed by brushing, but the process of brushing can help identify algae formation underneath the surface layer of the yellow slime.

Black Algea

Are you noticing little black spots on the walls of your swimming pool? Those spots are called black algae. This type of algae is typically found in open waters, but is sometimes found in a spa or pool that has not been cleaned or maintained correctly. It is difficult to remove black algae because of its strong roots and defense mechanism. If you find black algae, know that your pool is in critical condition. Do not waste any more time, and call Swift pool maintenance.
Once black algae begins to grow, it can take over a surface rapidly. A stainless steel brush is required to get rid of this algae. The brush helps to break the algae’s shell so that chemicals can penetrate to kill the algae.

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