Pool Service and Repairs in Mobile, AL

Pool maintenance and repairs in Mobile and surrounding cities. We are here to satisfy all of your pool service needs with sincere, effective, and reliable service.

Pool Service Company in Mobile, Al

We offer a wide range of swimming pool and spa services throughout the Mobile County area. We go above and beyond for all of our customers and guarantee that pool maintenance is headache free. if your pool is unsightly and cloudy, trust us for reliable pool chemical service and cleaning. Here are some of the services we offer…

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Weekly Pool Maintenance

As a pool owner, you should know that there are weekly swimming pool maintenance tasks that have to be carried out. These services intend to keep your pool not only safe but also free from bacteria or debris, and keep your pool looking as clean as possible and year around.

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Green To Clean

Is your pool swampy like and murky? Our Green to Clean pool recovery service turns green, unsafe pool water into a crystal-clear backyard oasis in less than a week. In our recovery process, we eradicate all algae’s, and makes your pool clean, transparent, and ready to enjoy!

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Acid Wash | Chlorine Bath

Is your swimming pool a complete swamp or do you simply want to remove stains and breath life back into your old pool? If you answered yes to either question, then acid washing may be exactly what you need! Acid washing burns off a thin layer of pool surface, exposing fresh surface underneath, Removing organic stains and turning your pool back to perfect condition.

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Equipment installations & Repairs

We are proud to provide you with expert pool repair and installations. We understand that swimming pool repairs can become nightmares for homeowners when they are not dealt with promptly, or are performed by people lacking the industry expertise necessary to complete high quality, reliable labor in an efficient manner.

Sand filter

Sand Replacement | Filter Repairs

Knowing when to change the pool sand in your filter probably won’t be obvious. However, if you’re keeping up with regular maintenance, don’t have an issue such as algae in your pool, and your water is still not as clean and clear as you expect, it might be time to change the sand. Most pool owners with a sand filter change the sand every three to five years, depending on use.

Liner Replacements

Is your vinyl pool liner torn, worn out, or just outdated? We can help you with that. We can replace your liner, no matter the shape or size. Depending on the weather, your pool can be measured and a liner installed in as little as two or three weeks. We’ll also replace your skimmer, main drain, inlet faceplates, and gaskets. We offer a large variety of patterns to choose from, anything from playful mosaic styles to classic shimmering water patterns.

Affordable and Reliable Pool Company in Mobile

Why Choose us?

Show Up On Time

Rain or shine, Our highly trained technicians are dedicated to show up on time and getting the job done with the best results.

Total Clean Promise

We pride ourselves on restoring your pool back to its beautiful sparkling allure, Ready to be enjoyed

Worry Free Guarantee

Your mind can rest at ease as we guarantee our professional and reliable service, We use the safest chemical products in the industry that wont harm your children or pets.


We act with integrity and believe that maintaining a pool shouldn’t cost a fortune. Contact us for reasonable pricing for pool cleaning and repairs services without breaking you wallet.